Communicating Student Absences Related to COVID-19

Feb 20, 2022

Waimea College is yet to confirm a positive COVID-19 case here at school, however we are aware that a number of students are isolating and getting tested so it’s timely to share an update about how we want you to communicate student absences related to COVID-19.

Reporting a student who is isolating:

To report a student who is isolating please reach out to our Attendance Office by emailing or by phoning 544 6099 and selecting option 1. 

Please provide:

  • Student name
  • Year Level
  • Reason for isolating e.g. identified as a close contact.

Reporting a student who tests positive for COVID-19:

Please inform us immediately if your student tests positive for COVID-19. This will allow us to commence our contact tracing processes without delay. Contact can be made via email to or by phoning 544 6099. 

Please provide:

  • Student name
  • Year Level
  • Your best contact details. 

A member of the Senior Leadership Team will make contact to confirm further details and to support you and your teen with the next steps. 

If you missed the COVID-update we shared on Friday, please check it out HERE. 

As always, if your teen is ill for any other reason – e.g. a cold, an upset stomach etc – please keep them at home. Then contact our Attendance Office with your teens details, including the reason they are away by emailing or by phoning 544 6099 and selecting option 1.

Stay safe. 

Scott Haines


By Scott Haines