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Art & Creativity

Sewing With Confidence

6 or 8 weeks

For beginners to experienced sewers. Improve your confidence in using the sewing machine, over-locker, choosing patterns and fabrics. Students each work on their own chosen garment/item.

Tutor: Karen Richards
Date: Tuesday 17 Oct – 21 Nov 2023, 7.00 – 9.00 pm
Fee: $120

Tutor: Deb Baker
Date: Thursday 12 Oct – 30 Nov 2023, 6.30 – 8.30 pm
Fee: $150

Drawing For All Levels

Tuesday  6.30 – 9.00 pm (6 weeks)

For beginners through to experienced students.  You will explore various drawing approaches with a range of media to develop your observational and expressive skills.

Tutor: Nicole Russell
Date: Tuesday 31 Oct – 5 Dec 2023

Fee: $155

Painting For All Levels

Monday  6.30 – 9.00 pm (6 weeks)

A fun and relaxed painting class for the beginner through to the experienced artist. Choose your medium to paint in (eg: acrylics, oils or watercolours). Each session will begin with a short introduction on a different subject (eg: colour theory, values, perspective, figures, composition, painting from live vs. photograph). Then the lesson will continue “one on one” to further develop and explore your own subject and style. Paint from a still life or your photograph.

Tutor: Nicole Russell
Date: Monday 30 Oct – 4 Dec 2023

Fee: $155

Life Writing – Creative Non-fiction                                 

Wednesday 7.00 –9.00 pm (6 weeks)

This creative writing class will encourage you to write with sincerity and heart, drawing upon your own experiences as the basis for the creative non-fiction, in a supportive and encouraging environment which nutures “stretch” and “risk”.  Most people are eligible for a 50% subsidy.

Tutor: Kindra Douglas
Date: 1 Nov – 6 Dec 2023
Fee: $166*

Digital Photography

Monday 6.30 –8.30 pm (8 weeks)

You will gain a stronger understanding and confidence in using your digital camera.  Techniques to increase your success and take control of the creative aspects of photography will be taught in a fun and highly informative course.  Most people are eligible for a 50% subsidy.

Tutor: Robert Palmer
Date: 9 Oct – 4 Dec (no class 23 Oct) 2023
Fee: $164*

Understanding & Enjoying Shakespeare:  The Case of Hamlet                           NEW

Wednesday 7.00 –9.00 pm (6 Weeks)

What is so great about Shakespeare’s plays?  What are the specific features of the plays that account for their greatness?  By taking Hamlet as an example, and reading it closely, we will enhance our ability to provide clear and compelling answers to these burning questions when they arise at schools, the dinner table, and coctail parties.

Tutor: Dr. Bill Walker
Date: 2 Aug – 6 Sept 2023
Fee: $170