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Computing & Technology

3-D Printing

Wednesday 7.00 – 9.00 pm (5 weeks)

This course is intended for people who have had little or no experience with 3-D printing who would like to be able to take the first steps in designing and printing their own projects.  Topics covered will be basic use of CAD (Computer Aided Design), designing for 3-D printing, the printing process, and factors when purchasisng your own machine.  Students are encouraged to bring their own computer to class if they have one.

Tutor: Darren Richardson
Date: 2 Mar – 30 Mar 2022
Fee: $135 plus additional printer material costs

Digital Photography

Monday 6.30 – 8.30 pm (8 weeks)

You will gain a stronger understanding and confidence in using your digital camera.  Techniques to increase your success and take control of the creative aspects of photography will be taught in a fun and highly informative course.  Most people are eligible for a 50% subsidy.

Tutor: Robert Palmer
Date: 21 Feb – 11 Apr 2022
Fee: $160*

Introduction to Electronics

Thursday 7.00 – 9.00 pm (5 weeks)

This course introduces the basic priciples of electronics, simple circuit construcion, and soldering skills.  This is a practical based course with the theory inter-woven with the projects.  Topics include electrical flow, component function and selection, series and parallel circuits, using a multimeter, and of course circuit construction.  Advice will also be available to students on equipment selection for those wanting to take their electronics knowledge further.  All electrical components needed for the course are provided in a kit at a cost of approximately $40 paid to the course Tutor.  Students would benefit from bringing a laptop to provide extra access to on-line learning resources.

Tutor: Darren Richardson
Date: 3 Mar – 31 Mar 2022
Fee: $125 plus electrical kit costs

Xero Basics

Monday 6.30 – 8.30 pm (4 weeks)

This short course will introduce you to Xero, an online accounting package.  We cover how to navigate through the program, basic data entry of sales and purchases, coding bank entries from the bank feeds, and month end bank reconciliation and GST preparation. Does not include payroll. Most people are eligible for a 50% subsidy.

Tutor: Laura Richardson
Date: 14 Feb – 7 Mar 2022
Fee: $100*

Microsoft Excel Basics

Monday 6.30 – 8.00 pm (5 weeks)

Learn how to set up a spread sheet for use as database and for numerical calculation (like a budget or loan repayment schedule). Entering data, formatting, building formulas or how to use existing formulas will be covered. Discover how to generate charts for presentation as well as linking Excel to your Word document report. Excel features like AutoFill, Auto SUM, Names and linking from one spread sheet to another will also be covered.  Most people are eligible for a 50% subsidy.

Tutor: Laura Richardson
Date: 14 Mar – 11 Apr 2022
Fee: $104*