Head student addressing school assembly

Growing Future Leaders


We foster and develop the leadership capabilities that many students possess through mentoring and workshops. At every year level you are given opportunities that enable you to reach your leadership potential and develop into a future leader.

Student working collaboratively in classroom
“Waimea College gives its students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills throughout their years at school. We have a passionate leadership team accompanied by great support staff and teachers who are here to aid the growth of future leaders at Waimea and beyond.”
— Piper, Year 13

Senior Leadership Opportunities

The Student Leadership Team includes an elected representative to the Board of Trustees, six Head Students and eight House Captains.

A variety of senior leadership positions are available to you including but not limited to:

  • Academic
  • Performing Arts
  • Visual Arts
  • Business
  • Culture
  • Environment
  • International Student Support
  • Community
  • Diversity
  • Events
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Special Education Captains

Our senior student leaders have a significant part to play in leading school assemblies, representing the College in the community and as role models to the wider school.

Junior Leadership Opportunities

In Year 10 there is a strong Junior Leadership programme which starts with a camp and culminates in an end-of-year trip to Wellington. Over the year students are encouraged to develop their leadership potential in their peer group and within Waimea College.

In our junior school you will also have the opportunity to be involved and participate in community activities such as ANZAC Day, Big Brothers Big Sisters at local primary and intermediate schools, wheelchair dancing, Tea & Tech with AgeConnect and Special Education events.

Activities such as Stage Challenge are run entirely by students and showcase their leadership skills as well as talent. In Year 10 Waimea College holds an Enterprise for Education (E4E) event over two days that is entirely run by students. It is based around a theme and is a wonderful opportunity for students to show what they are capable of when given support and the opportunity to shine.

Students have the opportunity to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh programme, and to represent their year level on the Student Council.

So be inspired …

“School leaders collaboratively develop, pursue and enact the school’s vision and targets for equity and excellence. Their well considered strategic approach is consultative and inclusive.”
— ERO Report

Leadership 2021

Board of Trustees Student Representative

Macgregor Jones

Head Students

Finn Griffith
Claudia Mark
Zac Last-Harris
Emily Russell
Piper Riley
Luis Schneider

House Captains

Hillary House – Matt Anderson, Alice Ingram, Brooklyn Logan

Sheppard House – Ella Ranson, Skye van Zyl, Keegan Williams

Cooper House – Haylee Gardiner, Greta Meikle, Marcus Peattie

Rutherford House – Ella Calder, Daniel Crimp, Jessie Black

Academic Captains

Luke Brown
Lily Chalmers
Sarah Charles
Oliver Clark
Sarah Ducray
Jesse Faulkner
Alice Hatton
Shenal Herath
Georgia Livingstone
Isabella Prendeville
Ellie Taylor

Performing Arts Captains

Jabin Davis
Madi Fane
Myah Powell
Gian Strasser

Performing Arts Mentors

Danielle Aitken
Zeus Chaney-Toms
Eden Kett
Tom Mitchener
Pete Schreiber

Sports Captains

Hayley Bond
Rosie Mirfin
Aimee Lynch
Alex Honey
Mason Bell
Lawson Inglis

Arts Captains

Natasha Kerridge
Eve McMillan
Evee Oughton

International Peer Support

Rahera Marsh-Wetere

International Student Leaders

Emma Li
Thee Sensai
Shin Seshimo

Special Ed Captains

Holly Irvine
Connor Thomas
Christiane Leaper
Samantha Watson

Special Ed Leaders

Sarah Ducray
Ellie McManaway
Jorja Carter
Georgia Livingstone
Fergus Robertson

Media Captains

Alana Bulmer
Jorja-Rose Oldham

Diversity Committee

Chloe Dunn
Rebeca Findlay
Athena Mace
Paige Murdoch

Culture Captains

Katie Hone
Rahera Marsh-Wetere

Culture Committee

Boston Katene
Myah Lister
Brad Emerson
Tane Scott-Holland

Environment Captains

Sam Barton
Jacob Evans
Greer McIntyre
Danielle Aitken
Hannah Palmer

Events Committee

Ellie Taylor – Co-ordinator

ICT Captains

Tristan Bulmer
Milla Glasgow