Online Learning During a Lockdown

Online Learning

Waimea College use Office 365, and particularly Teams as our main tool to enable online learning. A range of other platforms may also be used by our staff and they will advise their classes about these, but Teams will be the main way we stay in touch with our students.

Please ensure that you have access to Office 365 at home. Use a modern browser such as Chrome or Firefox (not Internet Explorer). If you have any issues accessing your account, please contact one of your teachers for help. If they can’t help you directly, they can get in touch with the school Tech Support Team.

Note that via the school Office 365 accounts you are also able to download for free the full suite of Office desktop applications (Word, Excel, OneNote, Teams, etc.) However, almost all of the functionality of Office 365 can be had via a web browser.

General Expectations

Put your health and your family first and continue to follow all government advice in order to stay safe.

Check your school email account and class Teams  once a day if possible, and respond to any messages from teachers. Staying in regular touch with your classes is important. We don’t know how long school will remain closed.

Remember teachers are also busy with their families, so please understand that they will respond to your emails and messages and give feedback on your work when they can. Don’t be worried if you don’t get an immediate reply.

Learning at Home

Work will be set for each timetabled subject. Teachers will provide learning materials and set tasks on a regular basis. This might happen on a day-by-day basis, or less frequently as blocks of work – be guided by your teachers:

How you organise your time to complete school work is up to you but we recommend that you:

Contacting Your Teachers

Your teachers will message you regularly via Teams and/or other learning platforms. You should use the same platforms to get in touch with your teachers if you need to:

Teachers may also make use of video-conferencing so that you can ‘meet’ face-to-face. Your teacher will let you know when these events will happen so that you can be ready at home (we understand that you may be sharing a device with other students in your household, so these events will be fairly infrequent).

NCEA and Assessments

We will continue to provide updates to students and families as we receive them from NZQA. For further information, check out the NZQA COVID-19 Secondary School Page

Free internet safety filter for parents

While teens are learning from home, they are away from the online safety and security services provided by Network for Learning (N4L) at school. So together with N4L and Netsafe, the Ministry have launched – a free way to block the worst of the web for students and teachers.

Please follow the instructions provided to set up your teen’s device for safer connectivity while they learn from home.

Remember, no technical solution is a silver bullet. Please remember to complement this with digital citizenship toolkits provided by Netsafe.


Netsafe provides comprehensive support and information to support everyone to stay safe as they work, learn and play online. Netsafe has new and updated resources for parents, whānau and students at

Your Health and Wellbeing

Along with the teaching resources that will be made available, we want to ensure that students are well supported in terms of their wellbeing during this difficult time. Please make sure you talk openly with your parents/caregivers and whānau about any issues you might be having, or if you are feeling anxious.

Students are encouraged to call the following organisations for support:

Our Guidance Team is also available to provide support. Students or families can e-mail directly to arrange further contact.

If you are concerned about your physical health, then contact HealthLine:

Online Learning Resources

There are a huge range of online learning resources that you can make use of to support your learning. Here are a few: