Standards of Behaviour & Uniform

Waimea College is a friendly, helpful and caring school. International and domestic students gain a lot from the school and each other when they follow the Waimea College Behaviour Code:

Be thoughtful, cooperative and tolerant
This makes it easier for you to learn and live together.

Respect others rights to learn without interruption
This ensures that all students have a chance to learn without disruption from others.

Be well mannered, considerate and friendly to each other, to staff and to visitors
This makes it easier to learn and live together and the whole school gains respect from the public.

Be proud of your school and keep it clean, safe and attractive
This helps confirm the community’s high regard for this College and ensures that everyone can work in a pleasant environment.

Dress correctly and behave well at all times
This brings credit to you and your school.

Some types of behaviour are NOT acceptable from Waimea College students. This includes:

  • Disrespectful or disruptive behaviour
  • Rude or abusive language
  • Bullying, violent or threatening behaviour
  • Damaging or stealing property
  • Disobedience or dishonesty
  • Truancy
  • Possessing or using tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs or substances
  • Inappropriate use of ICT resources such as email or the internet
  • Inappropriate use of cellphones and digital media devices

As an international student at Waimea College, you will be required to sign a Tuition Agreement when you arrive. Please click here to see a copy of the Tuition Agreement

Waimea College School Uniform

You will be required to wear full Waimea College school uniform during your time in New Zealand.  From 2017 onwards, international students will have the choice of either borrowing a school uniform for the time that they are here, or purchasing a new uniform on arrival.

Students are advised to bring the following items from home to wear with their Waimea uniform:

  • A plain black jacket
  • Plain black shoes
  • Socks and or black tights (for female students)

Click Uniform Price List for more information on the Waimea College School Uniform.

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