Pre-Departure Information

Outdoor Education
If you’re planning on taking Outdoor Education, most specialist equipment will be provided by the school. We do recommend you bring your own tramping boots and a waterproof jacket if you have one. Thermal underwear will also be useful although this is not very expensive to buy in New Zealand if you can’t fit it in your suitcase.

We will provide you with most items of school uniform when you arrive in New Zealand, however there are a few items that you will need to bring from home or purchase when you arrive. This includes plain black shoes, as well as socks and tights for female students. A lot of our students choose to wear a plain black jacket at school for the cooler months if you want to bring one with you. This jacket must have no logos or a hood.

Musical Instruments
If you own a musical instrument and plan on taking lessons while you’re here, consider bringing your instrument with you (depending on how big it is). In many cases, the cost of hiring an instrument in New Zealand is similar to the cost of paying a little extra to fly with it, and the instrument you hire may not be of the same quality you are used to.

Homestay Families
We recommend contacting your homestay families before departing for New Zealand. They are excited about meeting you and often appreciate the opportunity to connect with you and your family.

Laptops & Devices
In 2016, Waimea College became a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) school. The College will be able to provide laptops to students who don’t own one, but if you have a suitable device at home, you may prefer to bring it along. The College provides students with free access to our primary software (Office 365) which works best on a PC operating programme.

Sports & Clubs
A friendly reminder to families that for most Waimea College sports and clubs, an additional charge will apply. The amount of this varies considerably and covers things like uniform, usage fees and competition entry. Please contact the International Manager about this if you require specific details for your son or daughter.

Emergency Contact
In the unlikely event you face difficulties during your travel to New Zealand, support is available to you from Waimea College. In an emergency, please contact Hayley Roper (International Manager) on ++64 21 0242 2503. If your flight is delayed or you require assistance at the Airport, please contact Megan Wright (Homestay Co-ordinator) on ++64 27 544 7927.