International Student Testimonials

“Waimea college is a great school. All the teachers are very nice and they always take care of you so, if you have any problems, don’t be shy and just find a teacher to help you.
I joined the Waimea College Orchestra while I was in Y10 and the orchestra is a wonderful team. It’s fun and also you get lots of opportunity of going on trips such as to Wellington. They also have a school performance every two years which is an awesome things to do. Another experience I had in Nelson was mountain biking. It’s an awesome activity/sport to do in NZ. Especially it’s not a common sport in Asia country so your should try it!!”
Howard, Hong Kong

As an international student I really enjoyed my time at Waimea College. I had the opportunity to try new subjects which aren’t common in Germany for example Materials Technology Textiles or Photography. I also really enjoyed the international Outdoor Education. We went to an amazing kayaking trip in the Abel Tasman National Park for three days. Furthermore I joined the choir, which was fantastic and I really liked to sing with the others and had private voice and piano lessons. All teachers I met were very friendly and interested in helping me. Everything from the international department was really organised and I loved the International Sport Nights. Even though my time at the Waimea College was shorter than planned because of the Covid-19 virus, I’m very happy that I got the chance get to know all the students, teachers, the international department and naturally the wonderful country, so I would love to come back. I can definitely say it was an experience for my life and I can recommend to everybody if you have the chance, no matter how long, to do an exchange year in New Zealand, you should use it.
Franziska, Germany

I am so proud of myself to have studied at Waimea college. The atmosphere of the school, the surrounding natures, and the people.  Everything was kind.  I especially liked the Maori studies at Waimea.  Coming from Japan, I didn’t know we shared so many similar cultures.  Learning Haka was just awesome. Homestay family took me to many amazing places and I remember catching many yummy red snappers. I am now back in Japan, going to study medicine to become a paramedic, with the confidence which the Waimeans have taught me.
Fumitaka, Japan

My life at Waimea was amazing.  I was surprised how active people were and realised the importance of being active.  I joined the basketball team and having won the gold medal and going to Dunedin for my basketball games are the best memories I have.
Rina, Japan