Waimea College

English Language at Waimea

New Zealand English classes

All international students are tested for their level of English on arrival. Students are then placed into a mainstream New Zealand English class that will best support and maximise their English development during the time they are at Waimea. A number of our New Zealand English classes are attended by an additional staff person especially placed in the class to support the learning of our international students.

English Language classes

Waimea College offers a full English Language programme for  international students requiring additional help with their reading and writing. Students will be placed into one of four levels of class dependent on their ability when they arrive. As our English Language classes are small, students have plenty of opportunity to engage with the teacher and maximise their learning. All our English Language teachers are qualified practitioners and highly experienced in mentoring speakers of other languages.

Additional Literacy Support

Students requiring additional support in reading, writing or speaking in English may be considered for our low ratio literacy programme. This is a one-on-one or one-on-two computer assisted programme with proven success in supporting students with particularly low levels of English. Students are allocated into the programme on a term-by-term basis with priority going to our long term international students working towards their NCEA and University Entrance qualifications.

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