Choose Your Subjects

We have a large variety of interesting subjects to choose from at Waimea College including academic subjects like English, Mathematics and Science; as well as more practical options like Photography, Psychology and Mechanical Engineering. The subjects you choose will play a vital role in your New Zealand Educational experience, so it’s a good idea to think carefully about what you want to study as a student of Waimea College.

We ask that you list the subjects you would like to be enrolled in on your application to Waimea College. This gives us an idea of what you would like to do and helps us create a preliminary timetable for you. Once you arrive at Waimea, you may wish to make some changes to your timetable and this can be done in liaison with Carol Morgan, our International Dean.

For more detailed information on the subjects you can study at Waimea College:

Please click to see our 2021 Senior Curriculum Handbook
Please click to see our 2021 Year 10 Curriculum Handbook
Please click to see our 2021 Year 9 Curriculum Handbook