International Literacy Day – 8 August (read more…)

Boys’ Reading

At Waimea College we are proud of what our students achieve – both girls and boys. At the same time, we recognise that all around New Zealand and much of the rest of the world, statistics show that boys’ achievement at school is lagging behind girls’ achievement. Many academic studies show that one of the reasons for this is a gap in literacy skills at the age of transition to secondary school.

The best way to remedy this?

READINGMonday 8th of August is International Literacy Day. Let’s all celebrate the joy of books.

How do we get boys to read more?

At Waimea College, part of our Raising Boys’ Achievement project identifies boys whose literacy skills are not quite keeping pace with the numeracy and reasoning skills. We run regular programmes for these boys where Year 13 students read stories to them in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Evidence suggests that the boys enjoy their time with these senior leaders, and many have been to the Library to seek out the next book in the particular series they have been reading with the senior boys.

What can we do at home?

There are many things we can try, to encourage reading at home.

  1. Get Caught Reading! Role models are extremely important in boys’ lives. Does your son see the significant adults (both male and female) in his life reading?
  1. Any reading is good! It doesn’t have to be War and Peace – any reading should be encouraged. Non-fiction, magazines, the sports pages in the local newspaper – it all counts as reading and it all helps.
  1. Talk about reading. What’s the latest interesting thing you read in the newspaper, or online? Use your reading as a starting point for conversation.
  1. Praise them! Boys often get attention for the wrong reasons. Make sure they know you’ve seen them reading.
  1. Use the school library. The Waimea College library is a wonderful resource, staffed by a great team who are exceptionally good at matching readers with the right book. All you have to do is ask!
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