Earthquake Message:

Important Message:

14 November 2016: 3.40pm

Further to our communication earlier today, this is just a quick email to let you know that the structural engineer has inspected the campus today and given the buildings the all clear.

School will resume as normal tomorrow morning and NCEA Examinations will continue as timetabled. In the event of another earthquake or further significant afters-shocks please check your emails or check our school Facebook page for updates.

14 November 2016 – An Important Message for our School Community

Waimea College Closed Monday 14 November 2016
• Following a significant earthquake in the early hours of this morning, Waimea College is closed today as a precaution to enable engineers to undertake safety inspections of our buildings.

• Students and staff are advised to remain at home today.

• Please do not enter school buildings until further advice is provided.

NCEA Examinations Cancelled Monday 14 November 2016
• NCEA Examinations have been cancelled at Waimea College for today. NZQA advise that an emergency derived grade process will apply for students to ensure that students are not disadvantaged.

What is the derived grade process? (Extract from NZQA website)

The purpose of the derived grade is to ensure that no student is disadvantaged in achieving to their full potential due to exceptional circumstances. If a student is unable to take part in all or some of the national end-of-year NCEA exams, their school can use standard specific work (such as practice exams) they produced during the school year to submit a recommended grade to NZQA.

Derived grades are a standard known process to address exceptional circumstances such as this morning’s events.

• NZQA advise that the History and Chemistry Scholarship Examinations that were scheduled for today have both been cancelled across New Zealand.

Adult and Community Education Classes
• Adult and Community Education students and tutors are advised that classes are cancelled today.

• At this stage we anticipate that Waimea College will reopen on Tuesday 15 November 2016 and that both classes and NCEA Examinations will resume as usual, however this will be confirmed via posts on the Waimea College Facebook Page and the Waimea College Website
Our thoughts are with you all this morning and we hope your friends and families are safe and well.

Warm regards,

Scott Haines

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