Waimea College


Year 11 – 13

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In Year 11

Students must study English, Mathematics, Science and Physical Education and three other subjects earning credits towards NCEA.

In Year 12

Students must study English, Resource and five other courses earning credits towards NCEA. Our Headstart programme allows a reduced number of subjects and provides work experience placements.

In Year 13

Most students will select five subjects. Depending on their abilities and goals, some students may wish to do a combination of academic courses and others that lead to more vocationally-based qualifications. The Headstart programme is also available at Year 13.

Waimea College News & Events

Upcoming Events

  • NCEA Parents Evening: 3 March03 Mar 2021
  • Athletic Championships: 4 March04 Mar 2021
  • Year 9 Rotoiti Camp for 9A, 9B, 9R: 8 – 12 March12 Mar 2021
  • Junior Meet and Greet Evening: 16 March16 Mar 2021
  • Swimming Championships: 17 March17 Mar 2021
  • Nathan Wallis – Teen Brain Presentation: 18 March18 Mar 2021Nelson Teen Brain – Information  
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