Waimea College



In 2016 we have encouraged senior students to bring laptops to school to take advantage of learning opportunities Mahia to mahithat devices afford them.

Mahia tō Mahi, our school theme for 2016 which means to “drive your own learning” works well with the philosophy of e-learning. We aim to create critical thinkers who can be creative, work independently as well as collaborate with others to produce work that is authentic and personalised. Using devices to access information from anywhere and anytime is an expected part of our lives.

Choosing a Device

We encourage you to follow the guidelines below in making a decision when purchasing a device:

We know that choosing a device can be confusing so we have a relationship with Noel Leeming in Queen Street, Richmond and they are able to suggest appropriate devices and offer packages for Waimea Students.

Why a Windows Device?

At Waimea College we use the Office 365 system for connecting with students and staff in the cloud. This can be used on any device with an internet connection including Apple products. As Windows devices are what we are most familiar with as Staff, we are best able to support students that also make this choice.

All students get an Office 365 account as well as being able to download the latest Office suite of products (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, OneNote etc) on five devices. These products are valid while your child is a member of any State School in New Zealand.


What Next?

Next year, 2017, all senior students (Years 11-13) will be encouraged to bring a device to school.