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Wellbeing & Guidance


Our goal for you is to become a person who is resilient and able to cope well with the demands of the modern world, while retaining your natural curiosity and creativity and accepting of those who are socially and ethnically different to you.

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“Waimea College has a supportive and encouraging atmosphere, where students have a sense of belonging. Help is always available and there is an unspoken code between us: We always look out for each other.”
— Cassie, Year 11
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All students attend a weekly Ako class where they are equipped with a kete of tools for social success. In Ako, you develop your growth mindset, healthy relationship skills, digital citizenship, mindful practices and an understanding of well-being. We encourage you to find your strengths, and provide the guidance to plan your course of study, set short and long-term goals and assist you to achieve them.

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Student Support

We have an excellent reputation for commitment to student support provided by teachers, deans, guidance and support staff, including pastoral care for the needs of Māori students to succeed and achieve as Māori. Together, we develop your sense of turangawaewae through encouraging the STRIVE values of Waimea College.

Your support network:

  • belonging to one of four Houses: Cooper, Hillary, Rutherford and Sheppard;
  • the Houses are divided into a number of Form Groups;
  • your Form Teacher and Deans who are responsible for your pastoral care;
  • your Deans follow your year group throughout your time at Waimea College to provide consistent support;
  • a well-resourced Guidance and Learning Centre where fully trained counsellors, social workers and access to some health services, should you require additional support;
  • 24/7 Youth Workers –

Helpful Contacts

If you are concerned about your physical health, then contact HealthLine:

Coronavirus related – free call 0800 358 5453
General health-related – free call 0800 611 116

Students are encouraged to call the following organisations for support:

What’s Up ( free call 0800 942 8787) – A safe place for you to talk about anything at all
Youth Line (free call 0800 376 633 or txt chat 234) – We are here to listen
NetSafe – We help keep people safe online
You can also access free, confidential, 24hr counselling services by txt or call at 1737

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Have questions?

If you have a question for the Waimea College counsellors, then please send it in confidence, using the form link below