Waimea’s Strategic Direction with BYOD:

Our BYOD Strategy:

Our BYOD Strategy has been formed through a combination of research of emerging best practice, learning from schools who are further ahead of us in this area and listening to the views and needs of our staff in various forums.

In order to achieve our vision of enabling and enhancing learning without limits, we need to focus on the three areas to the left.

For 2016 our BYOD Status is “BYOD friendly with Year 12 and Year 13 students encouraged to Bring their Own Device”

What does this mean?

This means that if students have a device, and if they want to bring it to school, the school will support them to connect their device to our internet. This applies to all students, but with a particular emphasis on Year 12 and Year 13 students whom we are encouraging to bring devices for 2016. To help with choosing a device we have partnered with Noel Leeming in Queens St, Richmond.

If you go to the store, they will help you make an appropriate choice based on your student’s subject choices.

They have preferential pricing on devices and payment options to make it easier to purchase a device. Device options are always changing but some guidelines are:

2016 BYOD Action Planning

There’s heaps happening to help move us forward during 2016

Some Interesting BYOD Resources

The internet is full of great BYOD Resources – here’s a few that have helped shape our thinking.