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Welcome – Nau Mai, Haere Mai. Greetings and welcome to Waimea College

At WaScott profile photo_Sep17imea College we believe that every student is unique and special. Unlocking student potential, realising aspirations and creating future leaders is a responsibility that we take very seriously. We strive to develop well-rounded, confident young adults who are equipped for our modern and changing world.

We also believe that the learner should be the centre of everything that we do.

Our school has a culture where we do not rest until every student in our care is engaged and achieving. We believe that every student, every day, in every class deserves our very best effort and we strive to make sure that we live up to this expectation.

We are proud of our modern student-centred curriculum that is technology rich and responsive to the needs of our students.

Waimea College is a vibrant, and lively school. We know that student success can take many forms and all of these are valuable. Some will shine in the classroom, some on the sports field and some in the arts. An emphasis on holistic education ensures that students at Waimea College can discover and follow their passion to experience success in any field.

While providing outstanding academic education is our core business, our focus is also on developing strong citizens that will flourish in both the local community and on the world stage. Our graduates have a sense of community, and service and the ability to relate to and work with others, including those socially and culturally diverse.  They are skilled and able to live and work in the real world to craft their own futures, as global citizens.

We are proud that parents both locally and from around the world entrust us with the care and education of over 1500 teens every day. Our school works hard to meet the expectations and deliver upon the aspirations of our community. We aspire to be the school of choice for every family in our community.

We very much look forward to meeting each of you, to developing a successful partnership with you, and to working together in the common pursuit of success for every student.

Semper Contendite


Scott Haines


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